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As a guitarist and gigging musician, over the years I have always maintained, repaired and customised my own (and other band member's) guitars and basses.

In my day job I'm a maintenance engineer, fixing and maintaining machines and equipment to operate at high efficiency and within fine tolerances.....but my real passion lies with guitars.   I apply my years of engineering knowledge and experience to every guitar that I work on.

I'm offering my tools, skills and services to get your guitars and basses playing perfectly and set up to how you will love them, here in my workshop at home.  I treat every instrument as if it were my own (better in fact..... as they're not!)  


I have set up guitars and basses for musicians touring with bands on major labels, right through to home players.


As I do this for the love of guitars and I'm not relying on it for an income, my prices are very reasonable.  So feel free to get in touch, you will love how your guitar will play after a pro-setup!




The Setup Shop, Warsop, Mansfield, UK
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